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About Us

For nearly four decades, Roussel and Associates has guided hundreds of clients through periods of economic rewards and financial threat. Our knowledge of changing financial climates has been learned the old-fashioned way: through hands-on experience.

We began working with small employers seeking to provide benefits and insurance products for their employees and families. Over the years, we have also worked with larger and larger companies and the individuals who run them. We committed ourselves to expanding our knowledge not only of health insurance and retirement planning, but also of wise financial planning strategies and in-depth risk analysis. We have worked full cycle with our clients, from the early years of starting a business and family through retirement and estate planning for future generations. We have walked in their shoes and learned along the way. The wisdom we have gained benefits you, our client, in ways far beyond mere economic theory.

How We Work With You

We established Roussel and Associates in the early 1970’s with the belief that it pays to be longsighted and proactive in both business and personal finances. Our strength as a financial planner and advisor have been built on that philosophy.

We help you visualize and protect the future, then work with you to develop a step-by-step action plan to get you where you want to go. We look at what might happen in the years ahead to derail your plan so you can lessen the impact of – or even prevent –potential threats. If unforeseen problems arise, we spring into action as your primary problem solver.

At the same time, we walk beside you in the present, helping you stay on track to accomplish your goals. Regularly reviewing and adjusting the plan to accommodate life’s inevitable changes, we help ensure that you don’t lose focus.